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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Video: Light and Sound interactive art "Forest" and "Meet Your Creator" by Marshmallow Laser Feast (+ Video of 'Sony Playstation realtime projection mapping')

Life. Love.
Art meets life, life meets art.
Poetry interacts with life, life is poetry interacting with stillness. 
Stillness is sound and light free to be Self expressing.
Hug your art, art hugs you back.
Love your art, art loves your love.
Life is art, art is life, love is the art of life.
Love. Life.

Watch the video "Forest" by Marshmallow Laser Feast  on google+
"Forest is a large interactive musical laser installation. This giant interactive forest covers almost 450 square meters and is composed of over 150 musical ‘trees’ made of rods and lasers. The audience can freely explore the space, physically tapping, shaking, plucking, and vibrating the trees to trigger sounds and lasers."  "Due to the natural springiness of the material, interacting with the trees causes them to swing and oscillate, creating vibrating patterns of light and sound. Each tree is tuned to a specific tone, creating harmonious sounds spatialized and played through a powerful surround sound setup."

"Colors could be set free to be nothing but themselves." - John Baldessari

Watch the video excerpt "Meet Your Creator" by Marshmallow Laser Feast and the full length version a live theatrical performance with 16x moving head spotlights, 16x flying robots each equipped with LEDs and motorized mirrors. Exploring UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as a means to deflect and divert light, and create floating light sculptures dancing to music. Pushing the anthropomorphism of abstract forms to it’s limits - with an aim to create an emotional connection between audience and quad-rotor flying vehicles. Credit

"We might call this division the relation between the seeable and the sayable, display and discourse, showing and telling" - W. J. T. Mitchell

VIDEO Sony Realtime Projection Mapping 2  and 1(video)
Artist's Statement: "Marshmallow Laser Feast's ambitious realtime projection mapping campaign for Sony Playstation. We wanted to push video mapping on from anything that has been done so far. Using live puppetry, 3D tracking, pyrotechnics (and a whole bunch of our friends' spare time) we transformed a room into three different vignettes."

"The best thing about conceptual poetry is that it doesn’t need to be read. You don’t have to read it. As a matter of fact, you can write books, and you don’t even have to read them. - Kenneth Goldsmith

Thank you Kostas Michalis