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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video short animated film "Sintel" directed by Colin Levy with The Blender Foundation and The DURIAN OPEN MOVIE Project (Free 2K/4K download)

15 minute short science-fiction-fantasy digital-animated film about a Woman, a Dragon and a Shaman and the only failure, being, the failure to see. "Sintel" is a piece of glowing coal or metal - it glows brightly, burns, and then becomes ash.

The film begins with a woman, Sintel, being attacked while traveling through a wintery mountainside. After defeating her attacker and taking his spear, she finds refuge in a Shaman's hut.

The Shaman asks Sintel why she's travelling, and she confesses she's looking for a Dragon, leading into a flashback ... Sintel was a homeless loner, looking for food when she discovered an injured baby Dragon. She nursed him back to health and named him Scales, the two quickly formed an emotional bond. One day while Scales was flying he was captured by an adult Dragon. Determined to get him back, Sintel began the long and dangerous journey that led her to the Shaman's hut.

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40 Language Subtitles available

More about the film and Official website

Video: "Making Of" and Videos of Recording, Acting and Choreography Sessions

Full Credits
Directed by Colin Levy
Produced by Ton Roosendall
Written by Esther Wouda
Music by Jan Morgenstern
Distributor Blender Foundation
Starring Halina Reijn
Starring Thom Hoffman