Sunday, September 14, 2014

Video Movie 'SOLD" + Interview with Lisa Kristine (Humanitarian Photographer) + Native American Women Speak on Human Trafficking + Documentary "In Plain Sight" (the story of Human Trafficking in the USA)

(2016) Watch "SOLD" interview with Lisa Kristine, Humanitarian Photographer"
The documentary interviews Lisa Kristine and shares her experiences as she photo-captures images that expose the spectre of modern-day slavery. A mother and artist, some of Lisa's experiences as a photographer include crawling through mine shafts in Ghana, posing as a woman for sale on the streets of Washington DC, and entering brothels in India to meet and secretly photograph workers. More than 28 million people are enslaved today, working for no pay under the threat of violence, in every country and on every continent. Website for feature film "SOLD"
Watch movie Trailer on vimeo for "SOLD"  and on YouTube from Oscar-winning Director Jeffrey Brown, Executive Producer Emma Thompson and Producer Jane Charles.

VIDEOs: Native American / First Nation's Women Speak on Human Trafficking (of First Nations / Native American women):
Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women with Cinnamon Quale

FLETC Human Trafficking Video - Native American

Sex Trafficking: Perspective from the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

Native Women Speak at Men Against Human Trafficking Meeting

Native American Trafficking

Native Hope at Sturgis Rally to Combat Sex Trafficking

Watch full documentary "In Plain Sight" Human Trafficking in the USA 
Segment One
Segment Two
Segment Three
Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant and released into stores nationwide by Word Films in 2014, the feature-length documentary features six modern-day abolitionists as they fight sex trafficking across America. Journeying to six US cities, the documentary opens the viewer’s eyes to what’s happening down the street “in plain sight”. Through engaging interviews with numerous victims of sex trafficking, the force, coercion, and deception of the children and women becomes apparent. In the midst of the darkness, stories of hope and freedom emerge as each survivor shares how she was impacted through the work of a sex trafficking aftercare home.

HUMANITARIAN PHOTOGRAPHY on Slavery and Human Trafficking:
Watch TED Talk"Photos That Bear Witness to Modern Slavery: Lisa Kristine"
Watch Wisdom 2.0 Lecture: "Reflections on Presence from Ancient Cultures: Lisa Kristine"
Lisa Kristine, Photography Books on Human Slavery and Human Trafficking
Watch "One Breath" Book Trailer
Watch "Slavery" Book Trailer
Watch documentary Trailer: "#standwithme" by Stillmotion