Monday, August 3, 2015

Video short animation: "The Alchemist's Letter" directed by Andre Stevens

Watch "The Alchemist's Letter" (5:17 min, 2015) on the filmmaker's Vimeo Channel
Directed by Carlos Andre Stevens, "The Alchemist’s Letter" is a visually rich, darkly inventive animated fairy tale starring two-time Academy Award® nominee John Hurt (V for Vendetta, Alien, Hellboy, The Elephant Man, Midnight Express) and Eloise Webb (Cinderella, The Iron Lady). The filmmaker raised funds to make this film via launching an internet Kickstarter campaign. I suggest if you want to share this film, but do not want to share via forwarding my post, then PLEASE do NOT use the YouTube link to share - USE the FILMMAKER'S VIMEO CHANNEL link. The YouTube link is only provided in case you live in a region where Vimeo is difficult or impossible to watch. It is challenging to raise money to Make Art, so support the maker Artist by promoting the Artist and their Art. Filmmaker's Website with Credits, Downloads and "Making Of"

YouTube lower resolution (not Filmmaker's link). USE ONLY if Vimeo does not play in your region

Watch "Toumai", the filmmaker's 2008 debut film, a Student Academy Award® nominee