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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Video short animation "The Legend of the Northern Lights" by Seth Adam Smith

Watch "The Legend of the Northern Lights" (4:06 min, 2014) "Look to the light and swim to the top of the Great Mountain. There you will find your home. There you will swim in the eternal river of the sky." - Seth Adam Smith

Art by Ashley Collett
Music" "In Reverence" by David Tolk
More legend of "Northern Lights"

TEDx Video: "Books don't create movements, movements create books

Image by Ashley Collett  
Image Rights:  Seth Adam Smith

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video short animation "Nebula" directed by Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse, Sarah Simon

Watch "Nebula" (3:20 minutes 2014, fantasy) In a forest in the mountains, a little girl makes a mysterious encounter. She learns the value of water and sharing. ( YouTube link ) Dans une forêt en montagne, une petite fille fait une mystérieuse rencontre.

Student film made at Gobelins l'école de l'image

Directors / Réalisateurs : Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse, Sarah Simon

Image Credits: Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, 
Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse, Sarah Simon

Friday, November 21, 2014

Video short animation " "L3.0" directed by Alexis Decelle

Watch "L3.0" (4:38 minutes, 2014 science fiction) Leo, a Hi-Tech ‘pet’ robot, wanders alone in Paris following the mysterious disappearance of nearly all living species. He spends his days trying to entertain himself but to no avail. Then one day he meets a new living being ... ( Youtube Link ) Léo, robot de compagnie Hi-Tech, erre seul à Paris suite à la mystérieuse disparition de toute espèce vivante. Il passe ses journées à essayer de se distraire mais en vain. Jusqu’au jour où il fait la rencontre d’un nouvel être vivant …

ISART DIGITAL 2014 Grand Jury Prize

Director: Alexis Decelle
Director of Photography: Alexandre Archenoult
Director of Photography 1st Assistant: Cyril Declercq
3D Special Effects and Animation by:
Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour, Pierre Jury
Music and Sound Design:
Maxime Ferrieu, Victor Battaglia, Nicolas De Ferran, Rémi Haentjens

Image Credits by the filmmakers

Video short films by Phil Ives: "The Story of Cedar: Cowichan Workshop" + "Harold Joe, Cowichan Carver, Totem Pole for M'akola Housing, Duncan BC" + "Herb Rice, Cowichan Coast Salish Native Pacific Northwest, Master Carver" + "Harvey George: Fishing Boat Carver"

The cultural heritage of The People of the Warm Land, Shhweenustham 'u tu Quw'utsun Hwulmuhw, the Cowichan Region of B.C. Canada, is story told through a series of short films by filmmaker Phil Ives.

Watch "The Story of Cedar: Cowichan Workshop"
(29:16 minutes, 2012) From the moment of birth, to the time of passing, cedar has traditionally played a vital role in the life of the First People of the Pacific Northwest. This 30min documentary tells the story of cedar, how the bark is stripped from the cedar tree and prepared for cedar weaving (hats) and discusses the art of cedar weaving and the affect this workshop had on the participants. Project was facilitated by Maria Sampson. The video was produced by Louise McMurray and the Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival and directed, shot and edited by Phil Ives.

Watch "Harold Joe, Cowichan Carver, Totem Pole for M'akola Housing, Duncan BC"
(17:44 minutes, 2011) Harold Joe, Cowichan Carver of Totem Poles, discusses the planning, designing and carving of the pole including symbolism, animal totems and healing in his creations.
 Video: See the pole being moved with commentary by George Rice

Watch "Herb Rice, Cowichan Coast Salish Native Pacific Northwest, Master Carver"
(26:25 minutes, 2012) An interview with Herb Rice, a Coast Salish Native Indian Artist from the Pacific Northwest, is a Master Wood Carver whose work is in private collections all over the world. Herb discussed style, knives, history and technique during this 26 min documentary.

Watch "Harvey George: Fishing Boat Carver"
(5:32 minutes, 2013) A 5 minute video interview with Elder Harvey George model fishing boat carver from Duncan, BC. 12 of his carved boats are located in the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre.

Directed by Phil Ives Google+

Website: Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival
Video: Cowichan International Aboriginal Festival of Film & Art: Highlights

Website: Cowichan Tribes ~ Shhweenustham 'u tu Quw'utsun Hwulmuhw The People of the Warm Land

Website: Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group

Website: Cowichan Today

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Video short film "Interstate" directed by Camille Stochitch

Watch "Interstate" (19:57 min) 2013 award-winning, American Film Institute Student Thesis short film. In Los Angeles California, Joaquin is a 40 year old driving instructor struggling to survive in a city where he arrived years ago as an undocumented worker. In order to buy the house of his dreams and finally settle down, he navigates between a small illegal business and his daily routine. With his business partner Lalo, he helps new immigrants get their drivers licenses in Utah, a State that does not require a US Social Security Number to take a driver's test. When Joaquin is confronted by ICE  (Homeland Security Investigations), he realizes his fate might be compromised forever. Starring Max ArciniegaGina Rodriguez , Aldo Ceceña , Darren La Borie , Roberto Montesinos , Benny Nieves , and Laura Patalano

Joaquín es un profesor de manejo que enseña a inmigrantes ilegales a manejar, llevándolos hasta Utah para que reciban su licencia en un estado donde no se requiere cédula. Un día, después de su clase con Nayeli, una estudiante que captiva su atención, un agente Nacional aparece en su puerta. Joaquín debe ayudar al agente arrestar a Lalo, su jefe, en el próximo intercambio, o ira a la cárcel. ¿Salvará a los inmigrantes que ha estado ayudando o a sí mismo?

"Interstate" website

Writer/Director: Camille Stochitch and IMDB

Full Cast and Credit Credits

Article: Latino International Film Festival / 2013 Shorts / INTERSTATE

Video short film "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" by Bayou Grace and Varisco

Watch "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" (13:15 minutes 2014 short film) "For hundreds of years, residents of coastal Louisiana have relied upon the natural tropical storm and hurricane protections provided by its environment. Barrier islands provided a first line of defense helping to break up waves produced by storms. Mile upon mile of coastal wetlands served as a second line of defense helping to absorb storm surge and provide much needed friction to slow winds. Communities were built along a third line of defense–natural ridges, the high ground along bayous built up by the deposition of river sediments. Land loss has nearly stolen these protections, forcing residents to rely almost solely on manmade protections which are often not up to the task." ~ Bayou Grace 

Music by Zachary Richard

Bayou Grace  and Mission/History

Article: "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" by Captain Wendy Wilson-Billiot

Thanks to +Capt John Swallow

Image Credit: Rocky McKeon
requested by

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Video short film "A Better Tomorrow" by Mitsuyo Miyazaki, from The "Life Is Amazing" Short Film Series

Watch "A Better Tomorrow" (12:13 min , 2013 science-fiction) In the near future when water is scarce, Shin and Myra, two orphans following in their scientist father's footsteps, develop a technology that could turn the tides of time and heal the earth. But when dark forces kidnap them in an attempt to steal their father's invention, the device is mistakenly activated and a mysterious power unleashed. While trying to escape their captors, they are magically transported on a voyage out of this world. ( Vimeo viewing link ) ( YouTube viewing link

Written and Directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki
Video: About the director's vision
Video: Production Diary

Music by Simon Webster

The "Life Is Amazing" Short Film Series

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Video Documentary Movie "In Plain Sight" (the story of Lisa Kristine, Photographer) by Erica Jordan

Watch "In Plain Sight" the Trailer (2:29 min 2014)
Watch "Lisa Kristine - Photographer" (4:20 min 2013)

"In Plain Sight" directed by Erica Jordan, tells the story of award-winning photographer Lisa Kristine, the real-life inspiration for the character played by Gillian Anderson in the feature film "Sold". The documentary "In Plain Sight" movie-captures Lisa Kristine as she photo-captures images that expose the spectre of modern-day slavery. A mother and artist, Lisa has crawled through mine shafts in Ghana and posed as a woman for sale on the streets of Washington, DC, to shed light on an issue hidden in plain sight. Part verité road trip, part exposé, and part spy story, the documentary "In Plain Sight" follows Lisa to Sonagachi, Kolkata, the largest red-light district in India. At first no one is willing to help filmmaker Erica Jordan and Lisa gain access. Eventually, they find a man who willing to get them in. On the way to Sonagachi, the guide makes a request—“Don’t hug anybody.” In a characteristic moment, when Lisa enters the brothel and meets one of the workers, the two women greet each other with a spontaneous embrace. Inside the prison-like brothel, the film, through the gaze of a concealed spy camera, reveals the hidden lives of the women in the dark corridors where they are forced to work. "In Plain Sight" closes with scenes from a safe house in Sonagachi for girls who have been pulled out of slavery. As each girl is photographed, she holds a candle, and in her luminous face a shimmer of hope is reflected.
More than 28 million people are enslaved today, working for no pay under the threat of violence, in every country and on every continent.

Related Other links:
Watch "One Breath" Book Trailer

Watch "Slavery" Book Trailer

Watch: "Reflections on Presence from Ancient Cultures: Lisa Kristine" at Wisdom 2.0

Watch Film/Trailer: "#standwithme" by Stillmotion

Video Photography and TED Talk "Viewing Humanity" by Lisa Kristine

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Video short film "The SAND STORM 沙尘暴" directed by Jason Wishnow

"THE SAND STORM 沙尘暴 " (9:22 min 2014) Communications lines dissolve, and a water smuggler navigates a tumultuous, dystopian city on the brink - in this lyrical “low-fi sci-fi” tour through a bleak future ... setting the stage for more to come. This film was made in China and stars in order of appearance Ai WeiWei (艾未未), Hu JiaNing (胡珈宁), Li Ning (李宁) and Bai Yao (白瑶)

Directed by Jason Wishnow

This film was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign 

TED Talks

Friday, August 22, 2014

Video short film "Chester Nez - Living History" by Navajo Oral History Project (Winona State University and Diné College)

Watch "Chester Nez - Living History" by Navajo Oral History Project (19 minutes) This documentary film was researched, photographed, edited and produced by students of Winona State University (Winona, Minnesota) and Diné College (Tsaile, Arizona, Navajo Nation) during summer 2012. It contains stories told by Chester Nez of Chichiltah, New Mexico, to the students during several hours of interviews about his life. Chester who passed away June 4th, 2014, was the last surviving member of The Original 29 Navajo Code Talkers who were recruited in 1942 to create a code using the Navajo language for use in the battlefield so the South Pacific. Chester and the rest of The Original 29 then took the code they created into battle. (Vimeo viewing Link)

This documentary film is archived at the Navajo Nation Museum, Navajo Nation Library, Winona State University Library, and Diné College Library, and at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian. The film is part of the Navajo Oral History project, a multi-year collaboration between the Winona State University Mass Communication Department and Diné College, the official Tribal College of the Navajo Nation.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Video short animation "Fly Me Around The World 自主制作アニメ" directed by Cheng Liang

Watch "Fly Me Around The World 自主制作アニメ" (2 min) A mystical girl meets a magical robot - together they enjoy the beauty of the world, the combined wonder of their imaginations, and the power of independent positive visualization. 

Directed by Cheng Liang
Music by Han Ding
2010 independent student film made at Tokyokogeidai Tokyo University of the Arts

Video short animation "Consumed" directed by Gasan Sallies

Watch "Consumed" (3:46 minutes) Consumed in technology, a man re-discovers himself through an unexpected journey.

Written and Directed by Gasan Sallies (animation, compositing, lighting)

2013 Student film at The Animation School in Cape Town and Johannesburg Africa

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Video short film + podcasts "The Indian Thing ~ Restoring Mohawk: History. Identity. Family" by Paulette Moore

Watch "The Indian Thing ~ Restoring Mohawk: History. Identity. Family" by Paulette Moore
“Restoring Mohawk” is my own story; my family’s story. It’s a story about secrets and shame; about fear and being invisible and seeking and finding our own voice and identity and place. My grandfather Albert Hill was Mohawk Indian raised on Six Nations of the Grand River First Nations reserve southeast of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Mildred Hill, my grandmother came from a poor Irish farming family near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mildred was feisty and funny as well as racist against her husband and children. Her fear and secrets and longing for place still impacts our family profoundly.

My mom Patricia Moore bore the brunt of my grandmother’s insecurity and a century-old Canadian policy called the Indian Act allowed and in fact encouraged my mom to erase the Indian identity that her mother taught her to despise.  In 1970 my mom sold our family’s Indian rights for less than $100. That meant our family relinquished all treaty and statutory rights as Native people and the rights to live in the reserve community. That action was called "Enfranchisement" also known as "The Gradual Civilization Act".

Click here to read the Full Story.

In 1985 the U.N. Human Rights Committee ruled the Indian Act was a grave human rights violation and Canada changed its laws around revoking Indian status.  My sister Pamela Latham and I seek to regain our Indian rights. My mom still struggles with her Indian history and identity.  “It’s not what I am,” she says. “But I don’t really know what I am.”
Click here to read the Full Story.

Audio Podcasts Part 1

Audio Podcasts Part 2

Original music created and performed by Kate Ofwono

Paulette Moore
“I am a journalist, documentary filmmaker and educator with narrative films rising. My interests lie in art, power, community, creative conflict, justice, beauty, technology and how all of those things intersect in this big, complex world.”

Moore is currently Associate Professor teaching digital media production & research and is with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA and a consultant with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland, creating films and a blog to promote gender justice and diversity within the organization.