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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video short animated film "A-Kuridi'" / "The Groper" directed by Brent D. Mc Kee and John Bradley

Watch "A-Kuridi'" / "The Groper" 18:30 minute digital animated short film about ‘A-Kuridi’, the ancestral dreaming of the Groper, owned by the Wuyalia clan of the Yanyuwa people, Northern Territory, Australia.

The story travels approximately 47 kilometres: from Wumanthala on the north-eastern coast of South West Island, moving south along the western coast into the mangroves. It travels east across Hobler Island onto the south-western coast of South West Island. It then turns north ending half way up the west coast at Nyamarangurru.

The Law of the Groper was sung during preparation ceremony for the initiation of young Wualiya boys. When Wuyalia men and women were close to death or had just died. Also sung during the making of hollow log coffins, for the bones of deceased Wuyalia men and women.

‘A-Kuridi’ (The Groper) takes audiences on a joureny of creation and kinship through South West Island, home to the Wuyaliya Clan of the Yanyuwa People.

Directed by Brent D. Mc Kee artist

Directed by Dr. John Bradley
Dr. John Bradley is the Deputy Director of the Monash Indigenous Centre. He originally trained as a primary and high school teacher and his subsequent PhD research concentrated on Indigenous ways of understanding dugong and marine turtles. For over three decades he has been actively involved in issues associated with Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management.

Monash University: We acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Owners and Elders - both past and present - of the lands and waters on which our five Australian campuses operate.

Video short film "Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room" directed by Mike Le Han

Watch "Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room" 21minute magical-fantasy short film set in a remote cornish fishing village. Eloise a nine year old adopted girl takes solace in her books when she moves to the creepy village of Black Lake, until she meets Mrs Peppercorn the bookshop owner who was said to have been dead for over nine years.

Credits and website
Director: Mike Le Han
Director Of Photography: Stephen Murphy
Writers: Helen Le Han and Mike Le Han
Production Designer: Helen Le Han
Editor: Mark Talbot Butler
Composer: Kevin Kliesch
VFX Supervisor: Ben Haworth
Sound Supervisor: Alex Joseph
Shot on RED One

Trailer for "Breaker"

Monday, April 21, 2014

Video short animated film "Fellows in the Woods" by Laura Carton

Watch "Fellows in the Woods" 5:18 minute short animated film where a lonely child runs away in the woods from his father. In the woods he meets nice creatures who teach him how to live alone.  2013 graduation film, EMCA, Angoulême, France by Laura Carton

Alone and not lonely, single and not isolated, individualized and part of a whole.

Un enfant solitaire échappe à son père et s'enfuit dans la forêt. Il rencontre des créatures qui vont l'aider à se débrouiller seul.  Film de fin d'études 2013, EMCA, Angoulême par Laura Carton

All Images Credits: Laura Carton

Video short film "THEORY" by Hidetsugu Murakami

Watch "THEORY" 1:44 minute short genesis creation narrative, visualized by an artist using computer generated animation, visual effects and live-action imagery. Created by and all images credits Hidetsugu Murakami

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Video short film "Tempo" directed by Seth Worley

Watch "Tempo" 13:49 minute short film about a scientist who feels he must prevent a new, powerful technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Full Credits/Artist's website
Writers: Seth Worley, Neil Hoppe, Aharon Rabinowitz
Film Score: Ben Worley
Starring Darren Vandergriff, Emily Landham and Chip Arnold

Video short film "The New Family Corporation" directed by Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith

Watch "The New Family Corporation" 3 minute short science fiction film, follows a young man who is invited into the headquarters of a mysterious company, 'The New Family Corporation', where he soon discovers that all is not what it seems... "The New Family Corporation - we're here for all your new family needs".

Directed by Joseph Monahan and Callum Smith 
This films was made for the Reed Film Competition 2014 with the theme 'family business'

Video short film "Obama's 50 Wounded Knees????" April 20, 2014 Message to President Obama from Members of the Great Sioux Nation and many other Indigenous Relatives and Allies!

Watch "Obama's 50 Wounded Knees????" April 20, 2014 Message to President Obama from Members of the Great Sioux Nation and many other Indigenous Relatives and Allies!

Produced by Four Worlds International Institute and Allies and other links. Facebook link.

All images credits FWII

Video short documentary "Native New Yorker" by Hemamset Angaza

Watch the 7 minute short documentary "Native New Yorker" by Hemamset Angaza. A look at the life of a New York tunnel worker, Kamu, and how he upholds his native traditions and customs in everyday life. A community portrait made in the Brooklyn College documentary program. Includes footage of the Thunderbirds Annual Social Gathering in New York City.

Video The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers are the oldest resident NYC American Indian dance company. TAID founders in November 1963 held their first pow wow at the YMCA in NYC, pledged to "create a place where Indian people may congregate with each other and their friends". TAID gives workshops in dance and crafts, performances and pow wows among other activities and provide scholarships for Native American students each year. Video and another Video

Friday, April 18, 2014

Video short films by Sil van der Woerd "Swim", "Requiem 2019" (featuring Rutger Hauer), "Source of Light", "Duet" and "Next Order" (featuring 'Skrillex' and 'Boys Noize')

Sil van der Woerd

Watch "Swim" a short 4:46 minute film simply about the power that brings us all to life. Set in a time where all is designed to be controlled, and so the elementary force of our very existence brings an undeniable fusion for a magic moment.

Watch "Requiem 2019" a short 4:15 minute film directed by Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd, who felt an urge to bring attention to stop the ongoing whaling. A science-fact science-fiction visual-effects film about the last remaining blue whale who comes eye-to-eye with its only enemy; mankind. Video: "Making Of"

Article: Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd Create Film as Gift for Sea Shepherd

Watch "Source of Light" a short 1:27 minute Sensation film

Watch "Duet" a short 2:57 minute film where modern and classical merge in a sky-blue scenery at the first peep of dawn...

Watch "Next Order" featuring the music of 'Skrillex' and 'Boys Noize' (Dog Blood project) a 4:35 minute music-video short-film "an autistic boy feels alienated in our chaotic world that he is forced to inhabit."

KLA note: Having many friends who have autistic sensibility, they each have their own unique way of perceiving and sensing their world. We all do. I found this film interesting because it shows one person navigating-a-way-forward through his mind's eye and mental-image-pictures, which are stimulated by everything everywhere everyone around him ... like every one of us, each one sensing and being stimulated, uniquely different. One individual's distraction can be another person's passion.

“Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw,
And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:
Rays that have wander'd into Darkness wide
Return and back into your Sun subside”
- Farid al-Din Attar (12th Century)

“If you will but aspire
You will attain to all that you desire.
Before an atom of such need the Sun
Seems dim and mirky by comparison.
It is life's strength, the wings by which we fly
Beyond the further reaches of the sky.”
- Farid al-Din Attar (The Conference of the Birds, 12th Century)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video short film "Still Life" directed by Charles Frank and Jake Oleson

Watch "Still Life" 2:15 minute short film that seeks to find connection between creativity and everyday moments. Set against the backdrop of New York City, it was shot guerrilla style with the Phantom Miro and Red Epic.

Video: "Making Of"

Directed and Shot by Charles Frank and Jake Oleson. Starring Chris Trindade. Written by Kyle Harper. Voiceover by Beau Stephenson. Produced and Coloured by Andrew Hutcheson. Music by Philip Glass and Adam Taylor.
All Image Credits: Zandrak Productions

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Video short documentaries "The Land of Misfits" + "East Jesus - A New Nowhere"

Watch "The Land of Misfits" (7 minutes) by Malina Fagan and Drew Heskett.

Welcome to East Jesus California Meet Mopar and Drew living and breathing, in the land of enchanting enlightened misfit toys. "Slab City"is a refuge for artists, musicians, survivalists, writers, scientists, laymen and other wandering geniuses. We are dedicated to providing a working model of an improbable improvised community at the edge of the world."

Watch "East Jesus - A New Nowhere" by Lilianna Pedroni (15:20 minutes)

"We are most interested in low-tech solutions, unresolved theories, non-linear advancement, and creative reuse. We strive to document the results of these endeavors, sometimes simply by their existence. Our documents are sometimes nails, concrete, and sweat. We are partially an exhibition space for those problematic projects taking up your warehouse space, partially a build space for those problematic projects taking up the desert.

One of our guiding philosophies is “do as thou wilt”; another is “do no harm”. (