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Friday, August 22, 2014

Video short film "Chester Nez - Living History" by Navajo Oral History Project (Winona State University and Diné College)

Watch "Chester Nez - Living History" by Navajo Oral History Project (19 minutes) This documentary film was researched, photographed, edited and produced by students of Winona State University (Winona, Minnesota) and Diné College (Tsaile, Arizona, Navajo Nation) during summer 2012. It contains stories told by Chester Nez of Chichiltah, New Mexico, to the students during several hours of interviews about his life. Chester who passed away June 4th, 2014, was the last surviving member of The Original 29 Navajo Code Talkers who were recruited in 1942 to create a code using the Navajo language for use in the battlefield so the South Pacific. Chester and the rest of The Original 29 then took the code they created into battle. (Vimeo viewing Link)

This documentary film is archived at the Navajo Nation Museum, Navajo Nation Library, Winona State University Library, and Diné College Library, and at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian. The film is part of the Navajo Oral History project, a multi-year collaboration between the Winona State University Mass Communication Department and Diné College, the official Tribal College of the Navajo Nation.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Video short animation "Fly Me Around The World 自主制作アニメ" directed by Cheng Liang

Watch "Fly Me Around The World 自主制作アニメ" (2 min) A mystical girl meets a magical robot - together they enjoy the beauty of the world, the combined wonder of their imaginations, and the power of independent positive visualization. 

Directed by Cheng Liang
Music by Han Ding
2010 independent student film made at Tokyokogeidai Tokyo University of the Arts

Video short animation "Consumed" directed by Gasan Sallies

Watch "Consumed" (3:46 minutes) Consumed in technology, a man re-discovers himself through an unexpected journey.

Written and Directed by Gasan Sallies (animation, compositing, lighting)

2013 Student film at The Animation School in Cape Town and Johannesburg Africa

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Video short film + podcasts "The Indian Thing ~ Restoring Mohawk: History. Identity. Family" by Paulette Moore

Watch "The Indian Thing ~ Restoring Mohawk: History. Identity. Family" by Paulette Moore
“Restoring Mohawk” is my own story; my family’s story. It’s a story about secrets and shame; about fear and being invisible and seeking and finding our own voice and identity and place. My grandfather Albert Hill was Mohawk Indian raised on Six Nations of the Grand River First Nations reserve southeast of Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Mildred Hill, my grandmother came from a poor Irish farming family near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mildred was feisty and funny as well as racist against her husband and children. Her fear and secrets and longing for place still impacts our family profoundly.

My mom Patricia Moore bore the brunt of my grandmother’s insecurity and a century-old Canadian policy called the Indian Act allowed and in fact encouraged my mom to erase the Indian identity that her mother taught her to despise.  In 1970 my mom sold our family’s Indian rights for less than $100. That meant our family relinquished all treaty and statutory rights as Native people and the rights to live in the reserve community. That action was called "Enfranchisement" also known as "The Gradual Civilization Act".

Click here to read the Full Story.

In 1985 the U.N. Human Rights Committee ruled the Indian Act was a grave human rights violation and Canada changed its laws around revoking Indian status.  My sister Pamela Latham and I seek to regain our Indian rights. My mom still struggles with her Indian history and identity.  “It’s not what I am,” she says. “But I don’t really know what I am.”
Click here to read the Full Story.

Audio Podcasts Part 1

Audio Podcasts Part 2

Original music created and performed by Kate Ofwono

Paulette Moore
“I am a journalist, documentary filmmaker and educator with narrative films rising. My interests lie in art, power, community, creative conflict, justice, beauty, technology and how all of those things intersect in this big, complex world.”

Moore is currently Associate Professor teaching digital media production & research and is with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA and a consultant with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland, creating films and a blog to promote gender justice and diversity within the organization.

Video short animation "Sleepwalk With Me" Directed by Fabricio Lima, Music by Young Galaxy

Watch "Sleepwalk With Me" (3:15 minutes) "This animated music video was inspired by a heartfelt story of two soldiers during the Second World War called "Letter to a G.I.". The true story, was first published in 1953, then in 1961. G.I. Brian Keith, in a letter to his new friend (another G.I. named Dave), describes the best moments of the war were for him when they became friends during the North African Campaign of 1943. The story ends with a farewell to Dave, who did not make it back home." YouTube lo res version

Directed by Fabricio Lima
Music by Young Galaxy

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video short films "One Year One World: Voices of the Resistance Movement in Guatemala" by Maggie Padlewska (The Guatemala People versus Tahoe Resources Inc of Canada)

Watch "Voices of the Resistance Movement in Guatemala" (11 minutes July 2014)
In March 2014, human rights lawyer and activist, Rafael Maldonaldo, travelled to Canada to speak about the human rights violations and injustice taking place in San Rafael de Las Flores Guatemala - a region that is home to farmers and the country's Xinka community. "I want Canadians to know that the silver, and possibly the gold, that is being extracted from Guatemala - is bloodstained" he said. He also spoke about the lack of consultation between the country's government and Tahoe Resources Inc. (a Canada-based mining company), and the local communities in the region. This story is an exploration of the allegations, and a documentation of the voices of the communities impacted by Tahoe's Escobal Mine in San Rafael and surrounding areas.

Watch "On the Road for Justice" with Rafael Maldonado (3:50 minutes May 2014)
On March 18th, 2014, Guatemalan lawyer Rafael Maldonado spoke in Ottawa (capital city of Canada) about the Human Rights violations taking place near the site of Tahoe Resources Inc. - a silver mining company owned by a Canadian firm.

Watch "Roberto González Ucelo message to Otto Pérez Molina" (2 minutes July 2014 Spanish)
President of the Xinca Parliament in Guatemala, Roberto González Ucelo shares his personal message to Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina

Filmmaker Maggie Padlewska
One Year One World - YouTube Channel

Watch: Amnesty International Canada is working with filmmakers to promote films which explore the impacts of Canadian mining operations on human rights and inspire Canadians to take action in defence of human rights. These films are available for screening in your community.

Read: Canadian Centre of International Justice

Read: Tahoe Resources website - ESCOBAL

Read: "Guatemalan Complainants Celebrate Effective Suspension of Tahoe Resources' Licence" (July 2014)

Read: "Lawsuit Against Tahoe Resources a Wake Up Call for Investors and Canadians (June 2014)

Read: "Guatemalans file lawsuit against Canadian mining company for 2013 shooting" (June 2014)

Read: Landmark Suit against Canadian Mining Firm Filed in BC (June 2014)

Read: "After Kidnappings and Killing, Canadian Silver Mining Project Advances in Guatemala" (April 2014)

Read: "TAHOE RESOURCES / GOLDCORP in Guatemala : Repression Going From Bad To Worse" (April 2013)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Video short films of "Hōkūle'a Worldwide Voyage" and "The Star Compass" by Ōiwi TV and Polynesia Voyaging Society

Watch "The Star Compass" (2:34 minutes July 2014) introduction into the Star Compass used by our ancestors for ocean navigation using a 360 degree circle divided into 32 even star houses.

Watch "Hokule'a Embarks" (14:22 minutes Aug 2014) Hokule'a and Hikianalia are Polynesian canoes that departed O'ahu earlier this year on a three-year journey around the world to encourage a more sustainable planet. The voyage will be equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology, including Google Hangout capabilities, videos and photos. This will allow everyone to be part of the worldwide voyage and learn about historical traditions and values that we may be able to use today to create a more sustainable future.

Watch "Through the Eyes of Ancestors" (4:02 minutes July 2014)
The two kiʻi that protect Hōkūleʻa are a reminder of the spirituality linking present voyages to the wisdom of our ancestors.

Watch "Navigating Time" (3 minutes June 2014)
Apprentice navigators talk about the challenges they face making time to study the traditional skill of navigation while also meeting the demands of their contemporary lifestyles.

Watch "The Legend Returns" (3:38 minutes June 2014)
On March 24, 2014, the traditional sailing canoe Hawaiʻiloa returned to the sea after more than a decade on land. Led by master canoe builder Uncle Jerry Ongies, a small, committed group of volunteers has worked tirelessly to accomplish this historic task.

Polynesia Voyaging Society website (various videos)

Hōkūleʻa Worldwide Voyage - YouTube Channel (various videos)

Ōiwi TV - Youtube Channel (various videos)

Tracking the voyage via the internet and Stay Connected with the voyage and crew

Google+ post page lots of videos

"Learning Journey" (various videos)
Propagating Peace (3:12 minutes)

Coral Planting (3:10 minutes July 2014)

Te Fenua o Fare Hape (2:45 minutes July 2014)

Learning Center web-links

Website link to Video Library

Some videos I have watched so far, they are all great!

Watch "Changing Tides" (4:15 minutes July 2014)

Watch "Worldwide Voyage | Maupiti Stone Fishing" (4:36 minutes July 2014)

Watch "An Ocean Laboratory" (4:12 minutes July 2014)

Tracking the voyage via the internet and Stay Connected with the voyage and crew

Google+ post page lots of videos

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Video short film "Natives" directed by Jeremy Hersh

Watch "Natives" (20 minutes) Rachel and Anita are a Manhattan New York City same-sex couple. Anita was born Onöndowa'ga (Onondaga, Seneca) Native American, and Rachel was born Jewish. The two women visit Anita’s parents on their Native American reservation in New York state, where Anita grew up. Anita doesn’t want their relationship to be public. Rachel wants to make it public, establish a relationship with Anita’s parents and understand Native American culture - but why? A simple word, simple question - why.

Directed by Jeremy Hersh
About the Cast
About the Crew

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video short film "Toy Man" by Woodruff Laputka

Watch "Toy Man" (8:38 min) "Toy Man" tells the story of artist Dan Gunderson, who's spent his entire life collecting everything he lays his hands on, including toys. Now, after three years in development, Dan applies an astonishing collection of tens of thousands of toys to his world-renowned works of sculpture. A inspirational look into the life and mind of a man obsessed with re purposing found objects. Toy Man offers a unique, vicarious experience of a world comprised of pop-culture, modern symbolism, and the artistic freedoms shared by children everywhere."  The artist's role in society as expressers of life, communicators of the unique, decisions made based on knowledge and Self-awareness - which individualizes you, to live your own life.

YouTube viewing link

Directed by Woodruff Laputka of Laputka Films

"Middlesex Times" and "The Tangent Universe"
by Michael Andrews

"Indian Summer" and "Stokkseyyrii"
by Jonsi & Alex

"Mad World"
by Michael Andrews
Performed by the St. Judes Children's Choir (Florida)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Video short animation "Displacement" by Chris Perry

Watch "Displacement" (3:50 minutes) a short computer-animated film about expectations and assumptions. It was produced by sixteen advanced undergraduates at Hampshire College (USA) who where enrolled in a course designed around collaboration instead of the traditional individualistic approach to animation education. Completed in 2002.
YouTube viewing link

Written and directed by Chris Perry
Produced by Bit Films
Produced within the collaborative animation curriculum at Hampshire College

Chris Perry 2014 Honoree Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
 "Technical Achievement Award" (more background to the award)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video short film "Oren Lyons - "We Are Part of the Earth" by Sacred Land Film Project, Earth Island Institute

Watch "Oren Lyons - "We Are Part of the Earth" (7:38 minutes) How did (Chief) Oren Lyons first learn about his relationship to the Earth? Listen to his story...

Oren R. Lyons, Jr. (born 1930) is a Native American Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, of the Seneca Nations, of the Iroquois Confederacy. He is the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honour, the National Audubon Society's Audubon Medal, the Earth Day International Award of the United Nations, and the Elder and Wiser Award of the Rosa Parks Institute for Human Rights. Lyons serves on the board of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, and is board chairman of Honouring Contributions in the Governance of American Indian Nations. Lyons is also remembered for his time as a lacrosse player. He is Honorary Chairman of the Iroquois Nationals. In 1989 he was named Man of the Year in Lacrosse by the NCAA.

Lyons served in the United States Army. He received athletic scholarships to Syracuse University, where he was awarded the Orange Key for his academic and athletic accomplishments. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1958. A lifelong lacrosse player, Oren was an All-American at Syracuse, and after graduation, Lyons played for several teams, including the New York Lacrosse Club (1959–1965), the New Jersey Lacrosse Club (1966–1970), and the Onondaga Athletic Club (1970–1972). Upon leaving Syracuse, Lyons pursued a career in commercial art in New York City, becoming the art and planning director of Norcross Greeting Cards. Outside of work, Lyons exhibited his own paintings and in 1970, he returned to Onondaga to be closer to his cultural heritage. In recognition of his contributions over many years as a teacher of undergraduate and graduate students in the University at Buffalo, Dr. Lyons is listed as SUNY Distinguished Service Professor and Professor Emeritus of American Studies in the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

For over fourteen years he has taken part in the meetings in Geneva of Indigenous Peoples of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, and helped to establish the Working Group on Indigenous Populations in 1982. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival, and is a principal figure in the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders. He was a negotiator between the governments of Canada, Quebec, New York State and the Mohawks in the Oka crisis during the summer of 1990. Lyons appeared on a one-hour documentary "Faithkeeper", produced and hosted by Bill Moyers on PBS. He appeared in Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary "The 11th Hour" in 2007. In 1992 he addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations where he opened the International Year of the World's Indigenous People

This video "Oren Lyons - "We Are Part of the Earth" was produced by the Sacred Land Film Project, a project of Earth Island Institute. To deepen public understanding of sacred places, indigenous cultures and environmental justice, the Film Project produces a variety of media and educational materials—films, videos, DVDs, articles, photographs, school curricula and other materials. The Sacred Land Film Project uses journalism, organizing and activism to rekindle reverence for land, increase respect for cultural diversity, stimulate dialogue about connections between nature and culture, and protect sacred lands and diverse spiritual practices.

"The law says if you poison the water, you’ll die. The law says that if you poison the air, you’ll suffer. The law says if you degrade where you live, you’ll suffer… If you don’t learn that, you can only suffer. There’s no discussion with this law." - (Chief) Oren Lyons
Native-American Faithkeeper, Human Rights Advocate, Environmental Activist

Oren Lyons: Facebook

Video and PODCAST: Pete Seeger and Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons on Fracking, Indigenous Struggles

Video: 2013 Onondaga Leader Oren Lyons, Pete Seeger On International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Video: Seneca Chief Oren Lyons Speaks To the UN on Climate Change (10 min)

LECTURE: "The Ice is Melting" by Oren Lyons @ 24th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lecture

Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force

Seventh Generation Fund

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Video short animation "Everest" by Assaf Hayut

Watch "Everest" (3:46 minutes) music video inspired by a true events that took place on the second expedition to Mt. Everest (1924), where two mountaineers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine lost their lives reportedly near the summit. Speculations on whether they reached the top continue till this day, if they did, they were the first UK men in known modern times to reach it. A nice storytelling using closeness and coming together to move through obstacles, with no drama. The characters in the story like each other, and their support of each other increases as the story's tension increases. YouTube link

Music: "Everest" by Public Broadcast Service

Directed by Assaf Hayut
Animation BRUT is run by Assaf Hayut, an independent filmmaker, animator and craftsman. Assaf was educated in art and design at Vital College, Israel, and graduated B.A. studies at Goldsmiths College in the UK. He has recently been training in puppet and animation, in Prague the capital city of the Czech Republic, as part of HAFAN Film and Studio workshop. During his education, Assaf started a career in prop and set design for theatre then turned to animation after graduation. He has since completed numerous commissioned and independent productions, and his work screened at festivals, screening events and online. In recent years, Assaf pioneered the use of animation as a therapeutic healing tool, and facilitated successful healing workshops for staff and service-users in the NHS and other mental-health organizations.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Video short films NASA "Next Generation: Human Path To Mars", "Next Generation: Advanced Supercomputers" "Next Generation: Human Space Exploration", "Next Generation: Life Support", "Next Generation: Saucer Shaped Vehicle" , "Next Generation SUN/Solar: HMS Heliophysics Modelling and Simulation", "Living With a Star Program", "Next Generation: QuAIL Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory"

Watch: NASA: A Conversation with Harrison Ford (2:45 min April 2014)
Actor Harrison Ford was on location at NASA's Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., last Nov 2013 to film a segment of Showtime's "Years of Living Dangerously" documentary on climate change. Ford toured the NASA Advanced Supercomputing facility where he met with scientists Rama Nemani of Ames and Matthew Hansen of the University of Maryland, College Park, to learn more about how NASA satellite data and research are used around the world to better understand and protect Earth environments.

Watch: NASA to Launch Carbon Observatory (3:59 min June 2014)
NASA is about to launch a satellite dedicated to the study of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) will quantify global CO2 sources and sinks, and help researchers predict the future of climate change.

Watch "One Year To Pluto" (3:22 minutes July 2014)
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is only a year away from Pluto. Researchers are buzzing with anticipation as NASA prepares to encounter a new world for the first time in decades.

"Black Hole"

Watch "Future of Human Space Exploration" (10:52 minutes July 2014)
"Now that the Space Shuttle era is over, NASA is writing the next chapters in human Spaceflight with its commercial and international partners. It is advancing research and technology on the International Space Station, opening low-Earth orbit to US industry, and pushing the frontiers of deep space even farther ... all the way to Mars."

Watch "Space-Time Vortex Around Earth" (2:48 minutes 2011)
NASA has announced the results of an epic physics experiment which confirms the reality of a space-time vortex around our planet.

"Low-Density Supersonic Disk, Saucer-Shaped Test Vehicle " June 2014

Watch "News Briefing Previews Test of Saucer Shaped Vehicle" (38 minutes July 19, 2014)
NASA held a news conference from the U.S. Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii on June 2 about the upcoming test of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project. During the test, a rocket-powered, saucer-shaped test vehicle will be flown into near-space. LDSD could lead to inflatable spacecraft systems capable of safely landing heavier and larger payloads than ever before on planets with atmospheres.

"Saturn's Hexagon"

Watch "Project IceBridge: The Daily Routine" (3:27 minutes April 2014)
This video shows what the IceBridge team does on a day-to-day basis in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, the base of operations for the mission's April 2014 flights. IceBridge, a six-year NASA mission, is the largest airborne survey of Earth's polar ice ever flown. It will yield an unprecedented three-dimensional view of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, ice shelves and sea ice. These flights will provide a yearly, multi-instrument look at the behavior of the rapidly changing features of Earth's polar ice. Data collected during IceBridge will help scientists bridge the gap in polar observations between NASA's Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) -- launched in 2003 -- and ICESat-2, planned for early 2016. ICESat stopped collecting science data in 2009, making IceBridge critical for ensuring a continuous series of observations.

Watch "Challenges of Spacewalking -- Don Pettit" (3:18 min May 2014)

Watch "Challenges of Spacewalking -- Peggy Whitson" (3:25 min May 2014)

Watch "Challenges of Spacewalking -- Rick Mastracchio" (3:30 min May 2014)

Watch "Challenges of Spacewalking -- Danny Olivas" (4 min May 2014)

"European Space Agency's "Rosetta" mission camera reveals Comet 67P"

Watch: "Mars Investment" (3:13 min June 2014)
Addressing today's technological challenges for the future of human and robotic exploration of Mars.

Watch "NASA's Human Path to Mars" (2hrs 29minutes April 2014)
Aired on NASA Television from NASA headquarters, featured Administrator Charles Bolden and other agency leadership showcasing NASA's human exploration path to Mars. NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send astronauts to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s.

"Rover on Mars"

Watch "Next Generation Life Support (NGLS)" (3:20 min June 2014)
The Next Generation Life Support project develops next-generation life support technologies needed for humans to live and work productively in space.

Next Generation Supercomputers (capability)

Read "HECC Supercomputing RESOURCES AT-A-GLANCE"
If everyone in the world did one calculation per second for eight hours a day, it would take about 1,057 days to complete what Pleiades Super Computer can calculate in one minute.

Read "HECC High-End Computing Capability Project"

Read HECC Facts & Highlights

Watch Slideshow: HECC Monthly Reports June 2014

Advanced Supercomputing Division

Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL)

The NAS facility hosts the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a collaborative effort among NASA, Google, and Universities Space Research Association (USRA) to explore the potential for quantum computers to tackle optimization problems that are difficult or impossible for traditional supercomputers to handle.

Heliophysics Modelling and Simulation (HMS) project team is developing high-fidelity modelling and simulation tools that enable research on the interiors and atmospheres of the Sun and other stars. The science community has long understood that solar activity is caused by magnetic fields generated deep inside the Sun. Solar variability is a leading factor in determining space weather, which has a great impact on Earth's environment and modern human activities. The HMS project supports NASA’s Living With a Star (LWS) Program goal to provide a predictive understanding of the Sun's system, specifically of the space weather conditions near Earth and in the interplanetary medium. The HMS team’s support of this LWS goal is to provide improved forecasting of conditions on the solar surface in terms of both velocity and magnetic fields.

The team’s focus ties in with the timely emergence of two technologies:

1) High-resolution space-based instruments (such as the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Hinode and IRIS) and ground-based instruments, which together produce vast amounts of data from detailed solar observations

2) Petaflop-scale parallel computers that enable realistic modelling of solar conditions. Through the combined power of these technologies, the HMS team is working to advance astrophysical knowledge and to improve our understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with solar activity.