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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Video animated short : "The Guardian" and "The Explorer" by NeroGeist

Watch Video of animated short film "The Guardian" ~ This short film is a metaphor for each person's own individual internal choices to connect within, to connect and Self-reflect with their own truth and treasure of personal power.

A boy wanders through the forest and finds reflected in the light of Nature, his own true potential.

From the darker side of nature, an offering comes appearing to be even more power with a faster track to more wealth, but the boy can feel the illusion of this type of power and chooses to stay true to his own nature.

Sequel: The Explorer A temple presumed to be lost, a young man seeks out to discover it. The sequel to The Guardian (to be continued ...)

Animation by NeroGeist. NeroGiest's concept art
NeroGeist's Facebook link and YouTube