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Friday, March 8, 2013

Video: music animated short: "Meet Me Far" by Ran Sieradzki

Click here to watch "Meet Me Far"  proving again the principle, "simplicity is the key" in this moving work by Ran Sieradzki, a talented Canadian Designer/Director/Animator Behance link and Google + link and YouTube

Lyrics for the song: "Meet Me Far"
by Yael Heim

"The Days pass by and
I Can’t even feel you passing by
I can’t believe you’re real
You’re like a dream through waking eyes
Far, meet me far
Meet me far
Meet me far Far, meet me far
Meet me far
Meet me far
Your touch can slow down time
And even though you’re on my mind
You’re all I need in life
It’s you and me just drifting by
Far, meet me far..."