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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Video Documentary Short Film: "Hero" - Boundless Love by explore

Click here to watch the documentary short film - "Hero" Boundless Love.  A woman of boundless love abandons the life she knew to start an orphanage in Ethiopia. She now cares for over 5,000 children. Founded by Woizero Abebech Gobena, she took the initiative in 1980 with two children brought from a famine-affected region. Attracting the support of individuals and humanitarian organizations her effort has grown into a big institution providing services to orphans, needy children and other rural urban integrated services.

Mission Statement:
- Bringing up needy children by providing them with basic needs.
- Reuniting children whose relatives are traced.
- Create healthy adults by growing people, the children at the orphanage, destitute women, and young people to be self-supportive by providing skills and supports.
- Undertake urban and rural integrated development programmes to alleviate basic problems of society.
- Improve the living condition of the needy children and enhance the sustainable livelihood at the grass root level