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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council: eBook, Photography and Video: "Extract - The Pipeline Wars" by The Vancouver Observer, and Lee Brain's Testimony at Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel

Video: Lee Brain, son of an oil man receives standing ovation and brings participants to tears, after delivering powerful and inspirational testimony based on his personal experience working in oil refinery and pipelines, at the Enbridge/Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel in Prince Rupert (British Columbia, Canada)

Photos and Video presented by Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Canadian Centre for Community Renewal website with Full Transcript

"Blessed Unrest" - Mike Lewis' response article to Lee Brain's Pipeline Review Testimony

Huffington Post response article to Lee Brain's testimony

Sierra Club's response article to Lee Brain testimony

Sustainable Planet's response article for damaging oil spill clean-up and Lee Brain's testimony

Vancouver Observer's article to Lee Brain's Testimony
Oil giants backed by government. Citizens in revolt.

eBook by The Vancouver Observer ~ "Extract - The Pipeline Wars, Volume 1 Enbridge"

Praise for Extract: The Pipeline Wars Vol. 1 Enbridge

 "This is one of the greatest stories underway on the planet—the effort to wrest vast quantities of the dirtiest energy on earth from beneath Canada's boreal forests, and the even greater and far more beautiful effort to stop them. The stakes—the health of the planet's climate—simply couldn't be higher.

"Read this book. Extract does a great job of giving voice to some of the people on the front lines and giving you the information you need to engage in the debate."
- Bill McKibben, climate activist and founder

Extract: "The Pipeline Wars is a terrifying tour-de-force that opens a grim window on the future: this is not just about British Columbia, but about the world. As the fossil fuel industry taps dirtier and dirtier sources of energy to maintain their supremacy, as more regions of the world are despoiled in the process, the downhill run to ultimate destruction lies plainly before us...unless it can be stopped. Extract: The Pipeline Wars tells us why, and how, this must happen. Excellent, important work."
- William Pitt, Truthout editor and New York Times bestselling author.

"We need information and hard facts to make thoughtful, forward-thinking decisions that reverberate long into the future. Here’s a book that cuts through the self-interested rhetoric of climate deniers and the fossil fuel industry."
- David Suzuki, environmentalist and David Suzuki Foundation founder

Various Image Graphic Credits  and Photos  plus Video
Presented by Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (includes Speeches and Radio Interviews