Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Video and Photography Book - Sky Crystals - Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes by Don Komarechka

Video for Book and Photographs of Sky Crystals - Unraveling the Mysteries of Snowflakes by Don Komarechka 

Don Komarechka's photography website ~ "I am a nature, landscape & macro photographer based in Canada. My work revolves around not only the beautiful things in nature, but the unseen world right in front of us. I have traveled around the world for some of my best images, but many of them come from my own backyard."

Why Snowflakes?

Don Komarechka shares his reasons for photographing Snowflakes:

"These tiny creations of winter have been a curiosity during most childhoods spent in Canada. As I grew up, I became less and less interested in these “trivial” curiosities, and only recently reconnected with them through the lens of my camera. As with most macro subjects, when photographing snowflakes there are many “what the heck is that?” moments as something mysterious is captured, and that childhood curiosity is reborn. Using a steady hand, an old mitten, and freshly falling snow, you can produce an image worthy of sparking that childhood wonder in even the most jaded onlookers.

Some people don’t believe my images are real, and that’s when I know I’ve created something worth talking about.

Of course, some people simply think I’m crazy watching me take pictures of an old mitten in a snow storm. Standing in frigid temperatures a meter away from comfort and warmth can be a daunting task. Using macro equipment that gives you incredibly little focus, it can be hard to even find a snowflake in the viewfinder. Freezing hands and shivering arms can make the situation worse. However, once you’ve got your first snowflake, you’ll smile at every snowfall from then on. But until you succeed, people will think you’re crazy for trying."