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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video short film "Telescope" directed by Collin Davis and Matt Litwiller. Written by Eric Bodge

Watch the short science fiction film "Telescope" The year is 2183. Earth is dead. With all evidence of organic life lost, a cosmic archaeologist travels faster than light into deep space to capture images of the once vibrant planet.
When his vessel is damaged he must take matters into his own hands, risking his life to witness humanity’s lost home. Telescope, which was shot in glorious 4K, is co-directed by Collin Davis & Matt Litwiller, written by Eric Bodge, with cinematography by Travis Labella.

Artist's Statement: "With the help of many friends, telescope was completed in in 2013 in Los Angeles... This short sci-fi film was conceived as a retro-futuristic musing on the concept of "old light," looking, in essence, back in time across distances on a universal scale."

Concept Art by Courtland Lomax used for visual direction - many became shots in the finished film.

Music by Ken Ross - Credits Theme "Home I've Never Known"