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Friday, April 11, 2014

Video TED Talk by Tommy Joseph "Rainforest Warriors: Constructing Tlingit Indigenous Peoples' Amour worn in Alaska's 1804 Battle with Russia"

Watch: Tommy Joseph's 12 minute TED Talk describing the journey to depict (Pacific) Northwest Rainforest Warriors, through research, restoration and recreation of battle amour worn by the Tlingit Indigenous People, in Alaska's 1804 Battle with Russia.

Tommy Joseph is of the Eagle Moiety, Kaagwaantaan Clan. He has been actively engaged in Northwest Coast carving since the 1980s as an instructor, interpreter demonstrator and as a commissioned artist. He has produced a wide range of artwork including 35-foot totems, smaller house posts, intricately carved and inlaid masks and a wide range of bentwood containers. He also has replicated Tlingit ceremonial at.oow (treasured objects) and armor. Since the early 1990s, he has been in charge of the carving shop at the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center in Sitka, demonstrating and interpreting Northwest Coast art for the many thousands of tourists who visit during the summer months. Recently he opened the Raindance Gallery in Sitka. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading.

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