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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Video short music film "Autour de la Mémoire" / "Around Memory" Directed by Enki Bilal. Performed by Tchéky Karyo

Watch "Autour de la Mémoire" / "Around Memory"

Actor-Singer Tchéky Karyo entrusted the making of this music video to his long time friend, illustrator/ comic book artist/ filmmaker Enki Bilal. "Around Memory" / "Autour de la Mémoire" is a "road movie memorial" where Tchéky plunges into the heart of his memory and his privacy.

Directed by Enki Bilal
more about his illustrations, comic books, music, films and interviews

Visual effects by Sabotage Studio

Performed by Tchéky Karyo
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VIDEO: LIVE Performance by Tchéky KARYO for France Culture