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Monday, April 28, 2014

Video short animated film "Life is Beautiful" directed by Ben Brand

Watch "Life is Beautiful" 8:30 minute animated short film about Anton, a man who believes he is done with life, but life is not done with Anton. Convinced he must change his measly existence, he makes a life-ending decision - the only thing that alters is Anton's discovery of the real greatness of life.

The question what will happen after we die is one that the director of this film, and many others on this world, ask on a regular basis. Do humans "will our Earthly transition" on to an Other experience of Existence? Is there a Next existence?

Do people lead their life waiting for, and believing, what comes Next is more important or powerful than Now?

Ben Brand, the director of this "Life Is Beautiful" plays with his belief in reincarnation to simulate a recreational story ... he reanimates the question and answer to the eternally perplexing creation of humans, and what makes them human - the strength and fragility of their humanity.

Directed by Ben Brand

Made at Fube animation studio, "Life is Beautiful" was made with support of the Netherlands Film Fund and the NTR. It was part of the NTR SHORT! competition that premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2013 in Utrecht.

Image Credits, Production Designs, PreVis, Storyboards and Team Photos