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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Video short documentaries "The Land of Misfits" + "East Jesus - A New Nowhere"

Watch "The Land of Misfits" (7 minutes) by Malina Fagan and Drew Heskett.

Welcome to East Jesus California Meet Mopar and Drew living and breathing, in the land of enchanting enlightened misfit toys. "Slab City"is a refuge for artists, musicians, survivalists, writers, scientists, laymen and other wandering geniuses. We are dedicated to providing a working model of an improbable improvised community at the edge of the world."

Watch "East Jesus - A New Nowhere" by Lilianna Pedroni (15:20 minutes)

"We are most interested in low-tech solutions, unresolved theories, non-linear advancement, and creative reuse. We strive to document the results of these endeavors, sometimes simply by their existence. Our documents are sometimes nails, concrete, and sweat. We are partially an exhibition space for those problematic projects taking up your warehouse space, partially a build space for those problematic projects taking up the desert.

One of our guiding philosophies is “do as thou wilt”; another is “do no harm”. (