Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Video short animated film "Memory" by Takehiro Nishikawa and Rika Endo

Watch "Memory" 7 minute story about love and family. A man who invents how to preserve his wife, while she is passing, in the form of data on a mountain of computers he builds. His brother and mother worry about the extremes he is going to, his health, well being and that he sold everything to finance his vision. His brother comes to confront him about taking greater care of himself, and the importance for the living to live for now. The cause of the argument creates effects in the man, and his preserved-data-live-streamed wife.

A student film made for CalArts 2014
Websites and Image Credits:  Takehiro Nishikawa and Rika Endo

Image Credits:  Takehiro Nishikawa and Rika Endo