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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Video short film "The Secret Number" directed by Colin Levy

Watch "The Secret Number" 15 minute short science-fiction'ish psychological drama based on the short story by Igor Teper called THE SECRET NUMBER. A man's world is thrown into question. Psychiatrist Simon Tomlin (Daniel Jones) has a troubling conversation with one of his patients - a brilliant mathematician named Ersheim (Tom Nowicki), who intends to prove the existence of a secret integer between three and four. Ersheim's delusion compels Tomlin to dig deeper, but he only uncovers more questions -- about fate, connection… the nature of reality. .

Directed by Colin Levy.
Created over 2 years by filmmaker team at Savannah College of Art and Design

Music by Jan Morgenstern
Video "Making of"
Video "VFX Breakdown"
Video "Previs comparion"