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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video short animated film "A-Kuridi'" / "The Groper" directed by Brent D. Mc Kee and John Bradley

Watch "A-Kuridi'" / "The Groper" 18:30 minute digital animated short film about ‘A-Kuridi’, the ancestral dreaming of the Groper, owned by the Wuyalia clan of the Yanyuwa people, Northern Territory, Australia.

The story travels approximately 47 kilometres: from Wumanthala on the north-eastern coast of South West Island, moving south along the western coast into the mangroves. It travels east across Hobler Island onto the south-western coast of South West Island. It then turns north ending half way up the west coast at Nyamarangurru.

The Law of the Groper was sung during preparation ceremony for the initiation of young Wualiya boys. When Wuyalia men and women were close to death or had just died. Also sung during the making of hollow log coffins, for the bones of deceased Wuyalia men and women.

‘A-Kuridi’ (The Groper) takes audiences on a joureny of creation and kinship through South West Island, home to the Wuyaliya Clan of the Yanyuwa People.

Directed by Brent D. Mc Kee artist

Directed by Dr. John Bradley
Dr. John Bradley is the Deputy Director of the Monash Indigenous Centre. He originally trained as a primary and high school teacher and his subsequent PhD research concentrated on Indigenous ways of understanding dugong and marine turtles. For over three decades he has been actively involved in issues associated with Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management.

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