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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Video: documentary short film "DENÉ A JOURNEY - Denehdeh: My Homeland – Episode 5" by Ice Television

Video "DENE A JOURNEY - Denehdeh: My Homeland – Episode 5" a documentary short film by ICE TELEVISION. An unexpected transformation behind the cameras. Amos Scott and Riel Stevenson-Burke discover themselves as northern indigenous storytellers. Other episodes and website

 About Dené culture and the Dené Nation
"The Dené Nation, not the organization itself, but all of the people in Denendeh, are part of a larger family of Aboriginal cultures known as the Athapaskan people. The larger family include other related Athapaskan-speaking people those in Alaska who call themselves Den'a ("the people") and the Navajo and Apache who live in the American Southwest. The Dené were spread across an immense terrain of land to the north that stretched from the Alaska coast extending through Yukon territory and beyond the Mackenzie Delta region in the Arctic Circle and almost reaching the Hudson Bay in the east." mini description from website

Artist's Statement:
"ICE will be the hub of circumpolar information from news, current affairs, indigenous films, arts and entertainment to web coverage of culturally unique events. Visit us often and watch how we grow from our home in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Canada to include our northern neighbours around the Circumpolar world. 

These are fast changing times for Indigenous Peoples in the Circumpolar world. There are high demands on our rich northern resources and the demands will only intensify as the clock keeps ticking into the future. 

ICE is here so people can find the information they need about Circumpolar issues and perspectives from our northern communities. ICE is proud to launch with our feature program, Dene A Journey Season 1. Dene A Journey is a doc series of indigenous guts, grit and smoky beauty."

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