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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Video short doc "The Making of Aurora - Greenpeace's Giant Polar Bear" directed by Prano Bailey-Bond with Elder-Healer Besha Blondin and Kiera Kolson of the Gwich'in and Tso'Tine Dene Nation of Northwest Territories Canada

Watch "The Making of Aurora, Greenpeace's Giant Polar Bear" 12 minute documentary of the making of a giant human-powered super-puppet polar bear named "Aurora", who led a parade procession of thousands of people to the doors of Shell's London headquarters on September 2013 to protest about plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. This documentary is the artistic journey of her conception and construction all the way through to the moment when she carried the names of the millions who want to save the Arctic to Shell's doorstep.

The three-tonne marionette bear took several months to build is the voice and spirit of the Arctic.
London was one of 110 cities worldwide that hosted events on a global day of action To Save The Arctic. Aurora will be touring the world to rally the people into Arctic consciousness and non-exploitative awareness.

Featured speakers included Besha Blondin an elder-healer, and Kiera Kolson an active youth, of the Gwich'in and Tso'Tine Dene people and nation in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The Gwich’in and Tso’Tine Dene are two First Nations groups from Canada’s North, of the Denendeh: seven different tribes, each an individual nation, each having their own culture, stories, language of the Arctic. Kiera Kolson recently was awarded the Jonathon Solomon Youth Activist Award, an international award that recognizes extraordinary youth who advocate Aboriginal rights. Besha Blondin and Kiera Kolson stood atop Aurora and spoke to the people of life.

Beth Gibbons lead singer of British band Portishead, lent something invaluable to Greenpeace. Her voice. The singer recorded a roar for Greenpeace’s giant polar bear's debut protest march in London. In addition to Gibbons’ roar, the bear plays other sounds from its sound system.

Greenpeace constructed the incredible man-powered super-puppet "Aurora" a polar bear the size of a double decker bus, and walked her through central London to protest against Shell’s drilling in the arctic. Greenpeace commissioned a documentary to cover the puppets construction and public unveiling. The documentary was directed Prano Bailey-Bond with grading and sound mixed by x.

Image Credits: GREENPEACE media