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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Video short animation "In Search of the Blue Sky" by Po Chou Chi

Watch "In Search of the Blue Sky" 2 minute story set in the future, or is it? A grandson wants to make his grandmother's wish come true. In the future cities are crowded and polluted, a elder's last wish is to relive her memory of seeing blue sky, once again.

This student short film started out in 2004 as an unfinished music video style animation piece to practice animating action and speed with a moving camera. The animator decided to finish it as a short film in 2011, and "to try to be back in the past, in search of the feelings of his youth".

Director: Po Chou Chi 
Student Film 2004, 2011

Po Chou Chi is an animation director and an artist. He studied art and animation at National Normal University Taiwan, Chiao Tung National University Taiwan and University of California Los Angeles.