Thursday, May 1, 2014

Video short animated films "Mirage Maker" by Ben Reicher + "The Light Collector" by Erin Loelius

Watch "Mirage Maker" 2:28 minute story about love and a magical Being "The Mirage Maker", who eases the death of those lost in the desert. The Mirage Maker gives a dying man one last chance to say goodbye to his family.

Directed by Ben Reicher
Student film from CalArts 2014
Character Designs: Ben Reicher and Erin Loelius
Environment Design: Ben Reicher and Victoria Van Patten
Music Composition: Karen Tanaka

Early Visual Development (Viz Dev)
character designs by Erin Loelius with Ben Reicher

Watch "The Light Collector" 2 minute story about light growing in the dark, the dark keeps the light and makes it visible ... the dark is entered to see and collect the light.

Directed by Erin Loelius
Student film from CalArts 2013