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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Video short film/interactive net narrative "ANAMNESIA : a loss of forgetfulness" directed by David Wexler a.k.a. Strangeloop

watch ANAMNESIA : a loss of forgetfulness a 21st century sci-fi narrative in the form of a 8:30 minute short film, and an interactive net narrative. In the future, a utopian civilization is driven mad by a mysterious imbalance in the fabric of space and time. As reality comes apart at the seams, Anam, mysteriously unaffected by his civilization's schizophrenic break, journeys through vast unmapped territories looking for answers to aid his dying world.


Video: "If I Am This Forest" - "Sea Water" 
~ Music Ryan York | Visuals Strangeloop

Video: "Righteous Fists of Harmony" - "Tidal Waves Uprising" 
~ Music Daedelus | Directed by Ben Olsen & Strangeloop

Video: "We'll Always Have Paris" 
~ Sounds Birds of Passage and Leonardo Rosado | Visuals Strangeloop

Video: "Container9" 
~ Visuals by Strangeloop 
| Sound design by Miguel Baptista Benedict 
// additional sound design by Strangeloop