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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video short animation "The Monster" directed by Toby Dixon

Watch "The Monster" a 3 minute story about "a brave little warrior and her trusty steed who are on a quest to rid the forest of a monster. But is Little truly prepared for what will face her at the end of her journey?"

After watching the film, please read:
It takes less than 3 minutes to create the courage to recognize the foe is already a friend, answering the door with a bowl of food, naked with a smile. The only battle required is for the other person standing outside the door, to choose to drop their weapon, also become naked, cross over the threshold, and feed off the nourishment and peace that sharing a smile brings. 

Directed by Toby Dixon

A student film of The Arts University College at Bournemouth, a creative community where staff and students share a passion for and a commitment to the disciplines of arts, design and media.