Sunday, May 18, 2014

Video short films "Narcose" by Julie Gautier with Guillaume Néry + "The Sanctuary of Us" by Julie Gautier and Pierre-Marie Croquet

Watch "The Sanctuary of Us" (4 minute, 2014) music-short taken from the short film "Narcose" featuring music by Medi "The Sanctuary Of Us" and directed by Julie Gautier with Pierre-Marie Croquet

Watch "Narcose" (13 minute, 2014) Deep water freediving exposes its practitioners to a form of narcosis, which induces several symptoms, among which a feeling of euphoria and levity that earned this phenomenon its nickname of “raptures of the deep”. The short film relates the interior journey of Guillaume Néry, the apnea world champion, during one of his deep water dives. It draws its inspiration from his physical experience and the narrative of his hallucinations. Directed by Julie Gautier with Guillaume Néry

"The narcosis, also known as nitrogen narcosis, is the set of phenomena that affect the nervous system of the diver and cause disorders of perception."

La pratique de l’apnée en grande profondeur expose les apnéistes à un phénomène de narcose, appelé aussi « ivresse des profondeurs ». NARCOSE relate l’expérience et le voyage intérieur du champion du monde d’apnée, Guillaume Néry, lors d'une descente en grande profondeur. Le film s'inspire de son expérience physique et du récit réel de ses hallucinations. Realisateur Julie Gautier avec Guillaume Néry

Julie Gautier
Guillaume Néry
Pierre-Marie Croquet
Medi "The Sanctuary Of Us"

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