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Monday, May 5, 2014

Video short animated film "The Drawer of Memory" by Po Chou Chi

Watch "The Drawer of Memory" multi-award winning 6:45 minute story about love, and love of keeping live memories. Memory as a force of nature is alive, not merely kept alive in drawers by the creator-drawer of the memory. Memory lives on eternally after the physical body of it's creator, and being witnesses. Memory is not a solid object recorded, stored and filed away for later observation and interaction - Memory is shapeshifting constant expansion into more ... Memory has a life of it's own. This is a story of relationship: an Elder (still in her body), her husband (who has passed on from his body), and their collective body of shared memory. Love has memory. Life has memory. Creating memory and sharing memory is life remembered and loved.

Drawer = artist   drawer = storage unit   drawer = pull deep from a well

Director: Po Chou Chi 
Student Film 2006

Po Chou Chi is an animation director and an artist. He studied art and animation at National Normal University Taiwan, Chiao Tung National University Taiwan and University of California Los Angeles.