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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Video short animation "光之塔 The Lighthouse" by Po Chou Chi

Watch "光之塔 The Lighthouse" multi-award winning 7:30 minute story about love, family and memory. The director made this film for his parents, related to his own experience; "This story is about how parents support their children to allow their dreams to come true. No matter what happens, parents will always be waiting for their children - like a lighthouse always lights the way for the boats, out in the world, to find safe passage home."

"光之塔"是一個有關父母的故事。講述遊子追求夢想,父母就像燈塔一樣支持、看望與守護,也是自己生命經驗的寫照。既電腦動畫[回憶抽屜]之後,經歷幾年沈潛,有了這部新的小品之作,[光之塔]。 雖然是2D而非3D動畫,然而這次的作品嘗試更以[故事]為主軸,希望能反璞歸真,回到動畫與影片的本質。我相信好的故事與訴說意涵是創作的靈魂,希望樸實簡約的手繪風格,能帶給觀者更深切的共鳴,找尋最原始而單純的感動。

Director: Po Chou Chi 
Student Film 2010

Po Chou Chi is an animation director and an artist. He holds a BFA degree in Fine Art from National Normal University and a MFA degree in Applied Art from Chiao Tung National University in Taiwan. He is now at University of California Los Angeles in the Master of Fine Arts Animation degree program.