Friday, May 9, 2014

Video short animation "The Wolves Within" by Jolanta Jasiulionyte and Leo Tsang

Watch "The Wolves Within" 1:30 minute story "Native American Cherokee tribe legend about inner fights within everyone of us. They use wolves, symbols of moral teaching in amerindian culture, for embodying binary polars of virtue and vice."

"A fight is going on inside me.
It is a terrible fight between two wolves.
One is evil –
he is anger, hate, arrogance and greed.
The other is good –
he is peace, hope, benevolence and serenity.
Which wolf will win?
The one you feed…"

Directed and Produced
by Jolanta Jasiulionyte and Leo Tsang

A Collaborative student project at University for Creative Arts

"The Making of" many videos detailing conception and concept art through Previs to Final 3D