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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video short animation "Inside" by Rok Predin

Watch "Inside" (1:30 minutes) a short film imagining what is inside the every day things around us that we come into contact with daily. Not everything is what it seems, it is always more than what it first seems. Appearances can be deceiving, if we do not look below the surface to what is at the heart of the matter - or what is in the heart.
(non-offical YouTube)

Directed by Rok Predin
Rok graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana Slovenia in 2005. After touring Europe in bands playing everywhere from back room bars to stadiums, he began to experiment with animation as a tool to tell abstract stories, mixing sound and imagery together. He has created award winning projects for himself, Elton John, Madness, Keith Urban and The Rolling Stones

Music by Ivan Arnold
Ivan is a Croatia based composer who works mainly in film, television and theatre. Although focused on orchestral writing, he arranges music in various styles - either acoustic and electronic. As a composer and orchestrator, he has worked on a variety of multi award winning projects.