Sunday, June 8, 2014

Video short docs The Future of Clothing: "The Next Black" and "Biocouture" by AEG + "org by vio" by Violeta Villacorta

Watch "The Next Black" (46 minute) documentary film that explores the future of clothing. What is the 'Merging of Technology with Fashion' and what is 'Biocouture'? Some innovative companies on the planet give their opinion on clothing and its future, including Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories. More about this project.

More about 'Merging Technology and Fashion'
More about 'Biocouture'


Website "org by vio"

Videos about "org by vio"

Video (4:22 minutes) AMARNO Internet Project: Provide Market Access to Women Artisans in Peru

About Team "org by vio"
"org by vio was created to bring beautiful, boho chic, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories and bohemian fashion handmade by indigenous Amazon artisans. Together, we develop designer collections made with rainforest materials and provide an authentic source for a sustainable economy. The projects aim to create viable and environmentally sustainable economies for indigenous Amazon communities, so they can choose to remain on their lands as the stewards of the forests, while improve their quality of life. Our work supports their culture, traditional artistry, livelihood and self-determination."