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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Video short films "Caretakers & Warriors" and "This Barn" communities in Nebraska and Alberta fight back, against the Keystone Pipeline

Watch "Caretakers & Warriors"  (7:40 minutes) frontline communities of families, farmers, ranchers and Native leadership in Nebraska and Alberta, share their opinion and personal direct experience with the Keystone Pipeline and Tar Sands Oil. They say, "it is not a political issue, but a human issue ...  health issue ... life issue ... our planet's health ... our children's health ... animal and plant health ... water health ... and our future generations' health and right of just being able to live on the land, and have healthy usable air, water, soil and food."

Watch "This Barn" (2:20) citizens of Nebraska join hands community by community and fight back against the Keystone Pipeline by building sustainable energy projects along the way of, blocking, the Keystone pipeline route.

Video description by NEXTGEN CLIMATE
"The people pushing for approval of Keystone XL argue that running this tar sands pipeline from Canada to the Gulf is a net positive for America, that it will create jobs and make our country more energy independent. This argument could not be further from the truth. And you don’t have to take our word for it. We went to the source and talked to those who would be most directly affected by the pipeline’s construction. We spoke with members of the First Nations tribes, whose way of life is threatened by the tar sands extraction process. We talked to American families who live along the pipeline’s proposed path. These are the communities that will be most adversely affected by this 1,179 mile long dirty-oil superhighway for foreign oil markets. More than anyone else, they understand what’s at stake."

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