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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Video short animated film "iO" directed by James Swindells, Robert Nelson and Alexander Ward

Watch "iO" a 3 minute animated story of a dark metropolis that has enslaved an entity of limitless energy, which resides in the belly of gigantic robot. The city's excessive need for energy is pushing their resource to its limit, and the entity is not content with how this city is abusing its power. (YouTube link)

"Taking a theme that is very relevant in today's age, we chose to expand the idea of a nation abusing its energy resource. We wanted to give character to not only to the city, but to the energy that they are using to power their wasteful metropolis. We believed we could show the torment the energy was enduring through the persona of this robot. There was a heavy theme of contrast running through the film, from the heavy use of black and white. The masculinity of the robot, until where it is reborn as it's feminine counterpart, and finally to the abundance of light at the start - to it's final crescendo into darkness at the end."
- Director's intention James SwindellsRobert Nelson and Alexander Ward

A student film of The Arts University College at Bournemouth, a creative community where staff and students share a passion for and a commitment to the disciplines of arts, design and media.