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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Video short film "Give us back our shadows" by Maria Korporal

Watch "Give us back our shadows"  (6:45 minutes) “An old Native American legend tells that an insect stole the shadow of those who did not respect Nature. Deprived, in this way, of their soul, the men became ill. Only with music and singing they were able to finally get their shadow back and live happily ever after.”

The video is part of the project Korporal Zoo, a series of movies which deal with the relationship between animals and human beings studied from several prospectives: cultural, social, environmental.

Directed by Maria Korporal

Maria Korporal YouTube Channel

Directed by Maria Korporal

Il video fa parte del ciclo Korporal Zoo: una serie di video che trattano il rapporto tra animali e esseri umani da diversi punti di vista – culturale, sociale, ambientale.

“Un’antica leggenda degli Indiani d’America narra che un insetto rubasse l’ombra a chi non rispettava la natura. Privati così della propria anima, gli uomini si ammalavano. Solo con la musica e con il canto riuscivano infine a riaverla e a vivere felici.”