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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Video short documentary "Lost On The Roof Of The World" directed and photographed by Frédéric Lagrange

Watch "Lost On The Roof Of The World" (4:44 minutes) a story about the people who presently live, and whose ancestors have lived for generations, in Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. They consider their community to be "on the roof of the world". Their mountain and valley homeland is squeezed between China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Their timeless traditions stand alone.

Frédéric Lagrange director/photographer's statement; “AFTER the many years of awaiting this trip to Afghanistan, I was determined to complete the task I had come here to do: which was to finally walk in the steps of the ancient pilgrims and silk road traders, to stare at landscapes that only few human beings have had the chance to see, and to meet and live among people whose lifestyle had changed very little over the centuries. I felt the nostalgia of a past and long gone era and the relief to see, in today’s world, pristine and natural beauty, intact still. I had heard on many accounts of the incredible Shangri-La-like beauty of this part of the Hindu Kush. I could see this beauty and feel it in my heart today. The ideas and clichés that had been fueled by the media for the last 10 years were wrong, at least for this part of Afghanistan. Even though inhabiting some of the toughest environments on Earth, the Wakhi people turned out to be some of the most hospitable hosts and skilled guides I have ever met. Their hard – but simple – way of life gave me a lasting lesson about appreciation”.

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