Thursday, February 14, 2013

Video: Urban Aboriginal Voices ~ Most urban aboriginal people opt to stay in city

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Ashley Julian

Ashley Julian, Halifax
'It's so weird to say I'm an urban aboriginal because no matter where I go, I continuously say I'm from Indian Brook [N.S.] and that's my home community. But when I'm talking to people from home, they ask where I'm from, I say that I'm from Halifax.'

(Damon Johnston)
Damon Johnston, Winnipeg
'Self-determination, that is the motivating factor. So the question off-reserve and in cities is 'what form does that take over time?' We're not going to get there overnight but we're certainly on that path.'

(Tina Pisutke)
Tina Pisutkie, Montreal
'When my mother came to Montreal she didn't want to take the bus, she'd rather walk everywhere because she was afraid of white people. People who come here know about mainstream culture only by what they saw on TV.'