Saturday, February 16, 2013

Music Video: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted by Lorenzo

Shot and cut by Daniel Cheechoo on the Little Saskatchewan Indian Reserve.
Project managed and publicized by Julie Lafreniere.
Lorenzo is an Anishinaabe MC from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation located in Interlake Region of Manitoba. He provides perspective from a voice often unheard and over-looked in the traditional music communities: truthful, insightful, and providing a new sound straight from 'the Rezzy'. His music is best described as a fusion of Hip-Hop, Country and Rhythm & Blues. His lyrics are both intricate and honest, combined with his heart, message into a raspy flow that growls with the bittersweet existential angst of Reservation Indian. On stage, he captivates crowds with a guitar slung over his shoulder, singing and rhyming to the beats, allowing his style to be enjoyed by people who typically 'aren't into rap.'

 "This is goin' out to those departed
from a life so young it was barely started
and this is goin' out to the mamas cryin'
cause her son's gone home with the angels flyin'
No just reason, no denyin'
Hopeless feelings we confine in
the ones we love, the ones we trust
the ones who save us from the cusp
of the darkness when it falls
and light our lives like the shining stars
the ones who guide us through the seasons
the ones who give us rhyme and reason
the ones I truly do believe in 

who give me hope in time of treason"