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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video short films "One Year One World: Voices of the Resistance Movement in Guatemala" by Maggie Padlewska (The Guatemala People versus Tahoe Resources Inc of Canada)

Watch "Voices of the Resistance Movement in Guatemala" (11 minutes July 2014)
In March 2014, human rights lawyer and activist, Rafael Maldonaldo, travelled to Canada to speak about the human rights violations and injustice taking place in San Rafael de Las Flores Guatemala - a region that is home to farmers and the country's Xinka community. "I want Canadians to know that the silver, and possibly the gold, that is being extracted from Guatemala - is bloodstained" he said. He also spoke about the lack of consultation between the country's government and Tahoe Resources Inc. (a Canada-based mining company), and the local communities in the region. This story is an exploration of the allegations, and a documentation of the voices of the communities impacted by Tahoe's Escobal Mine in San Rafael and surrounding areas.

Watch "On the Road for Justice" with Rafael Maldonado (3:50 minutes May 2014)
On March 18th, 2014, Guatemalan lawyer Rafael Maldonado spoke in Ottawa (capital city of Canada) about the Human Rights violations taking place near the site of Tahoe Resources Inc. - a silver mining company owned by a Canadian firm.

Watch "Roberto González Ucelo message to Otto Pérez Molina" (2 minutes July 2014 Spanish)
President of the Xinca Parliament in Guatemala, Roberto González Ucelo shares his personal message to Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina

Filmmaker Maggie Padlewska
One Year One World - YouTube Channel

Watch: Amnesty International Canada is working with filmmakers to promote films which explore the impacts of Canadian mining operations on human rights and inspire Canadians to take action in defence of human rights. These films are available for screening in your community.

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