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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Video animated short "Four" directed by Margherita Premuroso

Watch "Four" a tribute to nature and in particular to the passing of seasons that gives rhythm to all living beings lifetime and nourishes wishes and hope.

Director's Description: "Four is set in a forest that represents one of the places that is mostly influenced by the changing of colours and shapes, when moving from a season to another.

The happening of a new season is described as an awakening and is symbolically represented by the character Spring’s waking up. Spring is a kind of elf and personifies spring."

Direction, Character Design, Script, Storyboard and Compositing by Margherita Premuroso

Video Animatic and Concept Art

Winner 2011 1st Prize View Conference Turin
Selection 2012 View Conference Turin
Selection 2011 Mr Hyde Tube festival
Selection 2011 Rushes Soho Shorts
Selection 2011 Bristol Encounters International Film Festival
Selection 2011 Hyde Tube festival
Selection 2011 OneDotZero Festival
Selection 2011 Aesthetica Short Film

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