Sunday, September 2, 2012

Space Photography : (ERBP) Earth's Radiation Belt Storm Probe To Do First Study of Van Allen Radiation Belts = Ion Acoustic Soliton Asymptotology Interpretive Universe, Electric Universe, Cosmic Plasma Universe, Holoscience, Space Weather, Solar Storms

Artist's rendering of Van Allen radiation belts, two giant rings of charged particles that circle Earth. 

The Watcher's article, the NASA TV report and the earth's magnetic field explain the (RBSP) Radiation Belt Storm Probes new mission launched in August 2012, to improve our understanding of the Universe/Multiverse.  
“We know examples where a storm of incoming particles from the sun can cause the two belts to swell so much that they merge and appear to form a single belt,” says Shri Kanekal, RBSP’s deputy project scientist at Goddard.

“Then there are other examples where a large storm from the sun didn’t affect the belts at all, and even cases where the belts shrank. Since the effects can be so different, there is a joke within the community that ‘If you’ve seen one storm . . . You’ve seen one storm.’ We need to figure out what causes the differences.”

There are two broad theories on how the particles get energy: from radial transport or in situ. In radial transport, particles move perpendicular to the magnetic fields within the belts from areas of low magnetic strength far from Earth to areas of high magnetic strength nearer Earth.

The laws of physics dictate that particle energies correlate to the strength of the magnetic field, increasing as they move towards Earth. The in situ theory posits that electromagnetic waves buffet the particles – much like regular pushes on a swing – successively raising their speed (and energy). 

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coined the term Asymptotology to describe the "art of dealing with applied mathematical systems in limiting cases". He formulated seven Principles of Asymptotology: 1. The Principle of Simplification; 2. The Principle of Recursion; 3. The Principle of Interpretation; 4. The Principle of Wild Behaviour; 5. The Principle of Annihilation; 6. The Principle of Maximal Balance; 7. The Principle of Mathematical Nonsense.

Indian Academy of Sciences Pramana Journal of Physics ... non-linear wave studies of plasma solitons Ion-acoustic solitons in multispecies spatially inhomogeneous plasmas