Monday, September 24, 2012

The Peace Project : Through creativity and community, we can change the world ~ 500 artists across 6 continents in 30 countries and 30 states in the USA

Since 2010, 4,000 artists from 70 countries on 6 continents have joined hands and used art to change lives.

All submissions are featured in the traveling exhibit via a mosaic like the one shown above, as well the Jury selected art is featured on individual 12x12 inch panels.

All funds raised from the Call For Artists and traveling exhibits help fund The Peace Center and Peace Projects

Sales of artist's panels go to build "The Peace Center" in Sierra Leone, Africa, tentatively planned to be adjacent to the former Aberdeen Amputee Refugee Camp. From The Peace Center, the Peace Project in conjunction with trusted in-country partner, Community Association for Psychosocial Services, will operate training programs, arts and cultural initiatives, and administer a micro-loan program. Ultimately seeking to create a development model that is scalable and can be duplicated not just in Sierra Leone, but beyond.


This collective vision was unveiled in September 2013 and the exhibit travels throughout Southern California and other locations in the United States including San Francisco and New York. An online exhibition is held simultaneously

The Peace Center 
Peace Project work prove that art truly does change the world -- and that we are not too small to tackle the world's big problems. 

In 2010, The Peace Project was founded to show that great change can happen very quickly if creative people work together.  Since then: Over 20,000 people worldwide have donated time, money, art and services. 

Two books published that feature over 1,000 visions of peace from artists worldwide. 

Dozens of children in Sierra Leone are receiving an education through The Peace Project. 

On World Peace Day, 2011, The Peace Project led one of the most unique collaborations ever, Operation Rise, distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches across Sierra Leone, changing the lives of thousands of people instantly. 

"Mindless Monk" (Beijing 1989)
by Karin Lisa Atkinson 

"Goddess of Peace" (New York 2001)
by Karin Lisa Atkinson 

"Urban Balance" 2014 
by Karin Lisa Atkinson 

"Spirit Bird" 2012 
by Karin Lisa Atkinson 

"Gathering Light" 2017 
by Karin Lisa Atkinson