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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Video short film "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" by Bayou Grace and Varisco

Watch "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" (13:15 minutes 2014 short film) "For hundreds of years, residents of coastal Louisiana have relied upon the natural tropical storm and hurricane protections provided by its environment. Barrier islands provided a first line of defense helping to break up waves produced by storms. Mile upon mile of coastal wetlands served as a second line of defense helping to absorb storm surge and provide much needed friction to slow winds. Communities were built along a third line of defense–natural ridges, the high ground along bayous built up by the deposition of river sediments. Land loss has nearly stolen these protections, forcing residents to rely almost solely on manmade protections which are often not up to the task." ~ Bayou Grace 

Music by Zachary Richard

Bayou Grace  and Mission/History

Article: "Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins" by Captain Wendy Wilson-Billiot

Thanks to +Capt John Swallow

Image Credit: Rocky McKeon
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