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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Video short film "Interstate" directed by Camille Stochitch

Watch "Interstate" (19:57 min) 2013 award-winning, American Film Institute Student Thesis short film. In Los Angeles California, Joaquin is a 40 year old driving instructor struggling to survive in a city where he arrived years ago as an undocumented worker. In order to buy the house of his dreams and finally settle down, he navigates between a small illegal business and his daily routine. With his business partner Lalo, he helps new immigrants get their drivers licenses in Utah, a State that does not require a US Social Security Number to take a driver's test. When Joaquin is confronted by ICE  (Homeland Security Investigations), he realizes his fate might be compromised forever. Starring Max ArciniegaGina Rodriguez , Aldo Ceceña , Darren La Borie , Roberto Montesinos , Benny Nieves , and Laura Patalano

Joaquín es un profesor de manejo que enseña a inmigrantes ilegales a manejar, llevándolos hasta Utah para que reciban su licencia en un estado donde no se requiere cédula. Un día, después de su clase con Nayeli, una estudiante que captiva su atención, un agente Nacional aparece en su puerta. Joaquín debe ayudar al agente arrestar a Lalo, su jefe, en el próximo intercambio, o ira a la cárcel. ¿Salvará a los inmigrantes que ha estado ayudando o a sí mismo?

"Interstate" website

Writer/Director: Camille Stochitch and IMDB

Full Cast and Credit Credits

Article: Latino International Film Festival / 2013 Shorts / INTERSTATE