Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video short film "Back Issue" by Ascension Productions

Watch "Back Issue" (5 minutes) 2nd Place winner 2014 London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge. A futuristic story about medical insurance providers and health care. A man finds out he is pre-diagnosed with a disease by his medical insurance company's computer chip, which he must have body-inserted to continually monitor, scan, and tracks his minute by minute health status. He loses his status as a 'human being', and is disqualified for medical coverage when the computer chip projects a domino effect of escalating potential health scenarios. The medical insurance provider agent offers him an underground back door solution for the life saving surgery he needs - selling his identity on the black market's identity swap exchange.
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Medical Imaging 3D graphics "Making Of" and credit

Made in 48 hours from these elements picked at random from a hat:
Dialogue: We just fitted him with one. Its transmits from here and this is the receiver
Prop: ID. We see someone take a photo ID from a bag, wallet or pocket
Optional theme: A man's geneology test results suggest an unknown species, his paternal line ends with his grandfather he never knew.