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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Video short animation "Mad River Rising" directed by Daniel Houghton

Watch "Mad River Rising" (13 minute) story about making peace with your life, as you age. We make peace with our life everyday, and it is the little and big acts of everyday madness that can haunt us until we let go - and live. An aging farmer escapes his dreary retirement home and finds himself back at his boyhood farm. Looking out from the loft of his decrepit barn, he is inundated with memories of a day in 1927 when the Great Flood of Vermont reshaped his world forever. YouTube link

Directed by Daniel Houghton

Written by Dana Yeaton, based on his play "Mad River Rising"

Music by Michael Chorney, Anais Mitchell

Animated by Miles Abadilla, Krista Duke, Marcella Houghton, Norah Jones, Dylan Redford, Graciela Sarabia, David Seamans, Sam Tolzmann, Dan Whateley

Produced by Middlebury College Department of Film and Media Culture, Vermont USA 2012