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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Video CG animated short "Descendants" by director Heiko van der Scherm

Watch computer animated short film "Descendants" and the Making of

 "Descendants" is a 14-minute animated short directed by Heiko van der Scherm

The two main characters are flowers who grow on the edge of a clearing next to one another. One is old and jaded by a mysterious history ~ the other one still young, vivid and curious. The wish to attain the unattainable: something good can evolve from something evil. They are voiced by Whoopi Goldberg and Christy Scott-Cashman.

Destiny has brought these two together and it seems as if they would exist without possibility for change, until one day a visitor to the clearing brings something unexpected to their lives.

This short film started as a school diploma project by Heiko van der Scherm and Holger Schoenberger at the Institute of Animation (part of the Filmakademie Baden-Werttemberg).