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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Video: Peace on Earth Flag Ceremony with Dolphins, Hear the Dolphins Having Fun

Watch Video: Earth Flag Ceremony with Dolphins  in 2009 at Cozumel, Mexico. My friends at Speak Dolphin having fun for peace.
Their description: "We created a vinyl double-sided flag with a large image of the Earth and the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" which we had used for participation in the Grand Opening Procession of the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in September of 2004. This eventually prompted us into wondering how the dolphins would react to an image of the Earth from space.

This was in 2005 when we were trying out the ribbon game for the first time, so we really weren't sure if the dolphins would be frightened by the large flag.

To our surprise, the dolphins were not at all frightened and very quickly became interested in the flag. In fact, within moments we were surrounded by dolphins excitedly swimming and buzzing the flag loudly.

It soon became difficult for us to swim forward because we were engulfed in dolphins! They swam around us, under us, over us. As we persisted in swimming through the pod of dolphins, it felt like a parade! Dolphins escorted us throughout their large lagoon, surrounding us on all sides.

Noel and I continuously chanted prayers for the Earth in our snorkels while the dolphins were filling the water with echolocation; joy overflowed in our hearts.

Now, I must admit that joy is quite prevalent whenever we swim with dolphins, but creating a Peace on Earth ceremony with dolphins - that's just over the top!

I strongly believe in the power of prayerful ceremony with clear intent. The level of exaltation and joy we felt with the dolphins that day undoubtedly sent out powerful waves of change into the world.

The memory of that experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. Each year since, we have continued with the Earth Flag ceremony. The dolphins continue to be fascinated with it and escort us around their lagoon. I have wondered if the dolphins know that the image they are looking at is of the planet they are living on.

If somehow the dolphins already know what the Earth looks like from space, then perhaps they are thinking "Hey, the humans have discovered space travel - finally!"