Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Video short film "Dr Easy" adapted from the SciFi novel "The Red Men"

Watch: "Dr. Easy"  a short film adapted from Matthew De Abaitua’s novel "The Red Men". "Dr Easy" is written and directed by Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy (the Shynola collective). Dr. Easy is an artificially Intelligence enhanced medical robot programmed for compassion in an Orwellian vision of contemporary society: surveillance, automation, biotechnology, and their implications for our humanity. Actor Tom Hollander, plays the lead human character Michael, a broken man with a gun surrounded by armed police. A robot with a medical degree and enhanced artificial intelligence is dispatched – but can it save him? Holed up in the siege house, armed with a double barrel shotgun, his tongue shot out by snipers, Michael’s only hope of escaping this deadly situation lays in the metallic hands of the film’s titular android. 

Cinematography by Barry Ackroyd ("The Hurt Locker", "United 93")
Visual FX by Jellyfish Pictures (Star Wars Rogue One)
Directorial collective Shynola