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Friday, June 1, 2012

Video: "Conception To Birth: Visualized Animation" by Alexander Tsiaras (of Anatomical Travelogue, and the visual MD) + Video "Mother-Baby Bond: The Biology of Love"

Imagine that you are the baby forming the vessel for their soul. From sperm marriage with egg into first cell of your body, you grow - from sound and vibration producing colour and light. As you witness each part of you form, an aspect of your Being, light and breath moves into each natural formation. See your Self re-forming, even now - an accelerated creative dance with breath and light, that supports the journey of creating an unique person ~ you.

Watch video "Conception To Birth" by Alexander Tsiaras

Watch video "Mother-Baby Bond: The Biology of Love" by the Visual MD

Anatomical Travelogue is an award-winning producer of visually rich health content. Their compelling, human stories are brought to life using high-end 3D visualizations based on actual human data. They are able to take viewers on incredible journeys through the body. From the molecular level and up through cells, tissues, organs, and systems, our proprietary scientific visualizations deliver images that are unrivaled in accuracy and artistry. AT specializes in developing integrated media asset packages around a central medical theme. Books, magazine articles, websites, and full hour TV specials are produced and financed by their studio. They manage the entire process from initial concept to turn-key delivery and worldwide distribution.

Alexander Tsiaras is an internationally renowned journalist and author. After his first book, Death Rituals of Rural Greece (Princeton University Press), he went on to write Body Voyage (Warner Books) and co-author Information Architects (Graphis). As an artist and technologist, Tsiaras participated in developing scientific visualization software to enable him to "paint" the human anatomy using volume data. The recipient of numerous awards, including the World Press Award and several Art Directors Awards, Tsiaras and his work have been featured on over 85 covers of magazines such as Life (including an entire edition of Life devoted to his anatomical computer renderings), TIME, New York Times Magazine, Times, Discover, Smithsonian, GEO, and the London Sunday Times Magazine. Most recently, he is the author of From Conception to Birth: a Life Unfolds, The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman: The Marvel of the Human Body, Revealed. Tsiaras has given the keynote speeches at many conferences including the TEDMED, Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) and has lectured with Stephen Hawking at the MIT Media Lab, National Library of Medicine (NLM/NIH) Visible Human Conference. 

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