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Monday, April 30, 2012

2017 Video shorts and websites: Solar and Lunar Eclipses : Witness and Learning about Eclipses

Eclipse energy is very powerful,
what was not visible,
arrives as an insight 
and becomes seen.

Those who have spent their life in the dark, 

with an occasional hint of their own light, 
will experience expanded Self-illumination.
Dark contains all colours of light, 
and light contains all colours of dark. 
The dark is not less than light, 
and light is not more than dark.
Each and every colour has a sliding scale of it's Self,
natural light to dark gradient radiant hues -
life is not a sliding grey scale but a colourful event.

Eclipses balance 
the Solar active force and Lunar tidal force
pulling what is outward inward, 
and what is inward outward. 
The tidal dance of what is unconscious becoming conscious, 
and what is conscious expanding to occupy more Space in action.
Giving and receiving, knowing what to give and what to receive.
Inner knowing and insight about more, more of your life.

Video: NASA Goddard videos

Video: NASA | "Jewel Box Sun"

Video: NASA | "The Sun Reverses Its Magnetic Poles"

Video: NASA | "Einstein's Cosmic Speed Limit"

Eclipse photographs by Karin Lisa Atkinson

The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park in Western Australia