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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Video: Specular Holgrams, Animated Specular Holography by Matt Brand of Zintaglio Arts

Video: Fresh Cut Metal by Matt Brand ~ digital sculpting and organic texturing create Specular Holograms of light bouncing off of finely machined sheet metal. Specular holography is a new visual medium that Matt Brand has been developing as a technology and as an art form.
Specular Holography is a way of drawing three-dimensional scenes by manipulating the way light scintillates off a two-dimensional surface.
To see more animated Specular Holograms 

Matt Brand's website shows some of amazing pieces from the last few years, rendered onto metal plate and transparent plastic. The links at the bottom of each page take you to videos that show how the holographic image changes with motion. The links at the top of each page will take you to explanations, a FAQ, contact info, etc.

Each hologram is a 2D arrangement of fine optical surfaces (reflectors or refractors) that direct a unique bundle of light rays to each viewpoint. The field of rays is structured so that you perceive a scene that is three-dimensional, or animated, or both.

                                              All Image Credits Matt Brand